Jene's Studio‚Äč



Abstract Expressionist 

While in design school, I was having difficulty developing my own personal style as a graphic designer and I started imitating Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko in my paintings. It was after I graduated that one of my professors, Mrs. Winegard, began to guide me. She encouraged me to understand the why  of  why I was painting, and to search for the message and passion within each canvas.

In the beginning, I would only paint when I was overwhelmed with negative emotions and it showed in my artwork. I knew I couldn't continue on this path so I began to visit gallery openings to speak with other artists to understand the why  when it comes to art. I realized that you have to understand yourself before you can express it to the world. With some great guidance, I came across a few Buddhist teachings that opened my mind and third eye. I began to meditate daily, read more, and finally overcame what was holding me back, myself.

Within in time I became comfortable with my art, explaining it, and being able to paint freely with others around. My art has become an expression of my life through unconstrained movements with my tools and inspiration from music. Each painting represents moments, emotions, and thoughts that I am faced with in life, ones I believe many people experience. I allow that energy to flow onto the canvas to express my message of life's journey with others.